Jude is voiced by Christian Potenza. If I could give it a zero you bet I would! By the end of the first episode, Nikki finds herself stuck in what she considers a sick twist of fate working at The Khaki Barn, a store that she wouldn't be caught dead shopping in. The more he tries to help, the bigger the problem gets, but he's a type of guy who's always there for his friend. Time to hang with all my friends.

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But people, this is a science fiction book. American viewers may not like it though, but take it or leave it, it's a Canadian show, production budgets are way less, but it is nothing less than any American cartoon. We like to be together, In a place where we belong!

She always tries to succeed and never accepts defeat, she's just Monica minus the obsessive cleaning. Namespaces Page Discussion. The girls often come to him for advice about guys because their other choices, Wyatt and Jonesy, are both hopeless.

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She elicits the group's protective instincts and loves to give dating advice. The dating thing always got in the way. Nikki is angry until she finds out that he is dating several girls at once. It's got an interesting animation style that you don't see too often and the characters are endearing.

They make crude jokes, but no f-bombs, and no one complains about that. Another thing to point out, is that this all happens in a mall. The characters were dynamic.

Is Naruto and Sakura going to be couples? Like Jonesy, he's not book smart, Jude is very people smart on the other hand and gives his friends good advice on their problems. Using crappy methods of computer graphics, obviously showing how horrible animation is today. The characters reflect their voice actor's personalities.

  1. Jen and Caitlin both fall in love with the mall repair man after he comes by to fix Caitlin's blender.
  2. When Caitlin hands the gang free cell phones that her father's company is testing, the guys take full advantage of all the free calls they can make.
  3. You could make this same complaint about Friends, where they don't curse.

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The possessive form of the plural noun couples is couples'. He dislikes wimps, working at stores that chicks don't shop at, and losing games. The art of this cartoon is rather unique and it may take you a while to get used to it, but the plots are definitely funny and sometimes circle around important issues of growing up. She always gives other people advice, with aren't always good, but she never leaves her friends on ice. His job is never high on the hierarchy of cool.

Overall, this show is a good, fun way to spend a half hour of your day. He is nasty, sarcastic and negative - in other words, he's perfect for her! It's a teenage friends, the mall is central perk. She's always up for a good prank and likes to tease her friends good-naturedly.

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He's always positive and mellow, and his attitude is contagious. The teen drama has been done to death, but this show brings it back to a place where we can enjoy it. You could say she has a bad attitude when it comes to authority. What do you call anime straight couples? Jen is do-er, the go-getter, and an instigator.

What is really appealing about this cartoon is the fact that it takes its rating to the limit. And sensitive Wyatt finds himself an odd man out among chauvinistic Jonesy and slacker Jude. Jen works at the Penalty Box and she is desperate to make sure no one gets fired so she isn't stuck working there alone. Meanwhile everyone else tries to see if they can stand the new horror movie.

  • Jonesy and Nikki studying in a quiet place together.
  • Jen is mortified when her journal goes missing.
  • One of the best shows on Canadian television since the awesomely awesome Degrassi.
  • Very good show, and I am very glad the same people get to continue on with the Total Drama series.

Meanwhile, Jonesy lands a prime job at The Soda Hop in order to score a date with French foreign exchange student, Amelie, how do you hook the hottest chick in the mall and quite possibly all of France. But in all this show is amazing I like it still through all these years. The series ended in after its fourth season in both the United States and Canada. Since then the following figures have been released by the Swiss government.

Gotta new job gonna start at the mall today! Canadian Movies and Shows. Jen likes teamwork, snowboarding, girls who rock at sports, taking dares and boy bands. Thank God, I'm on my own for the first time!

He knows he should stop taking Jonesy's advice on girls - but he can't help himself. Jen's mouth is often faster than her brain and she tends to blurt out the exact wrong thing at precisely the worst time. Meanwhile, Jude decides to move into the mall after he loses his house key while his parents are out of town. Meanwhile, Jude's year-old cousin, Jade, comes to visit and she starts to develop a crush on Jonsey.

This doesn't stop the Clones from frequently getting on Nikki's nerves. Plus, the animation rocks! Jen and Nikki are modern-day Cryanos text messaging Caitlin vital information to help her look the part. Unfortunately, the date goes over very well, dating taiwanese guys and Josh wants a second one - with her friends.

When Jonesy accidentally sees Jen completely naked and cant get the image out of his head, Jen considers going into hiding. Wyatt and Caitlin, after kissing each other in a dark room, start to think they might make a good couple so they try to go out on a date together. It's witty, smart, taipei dating service and definitely something new.

Answer It can be either website, web site, or site. It's minimum wages and maximum laughs as we follow our ensemble cast of six sixteen-year-old friends trying to make it through their first part-time jobs and life as a teen. Floating on his own cloud, riding his own melt, the only things he takes seriously are his friends and skateboarding. He's hilarious, outspoken, and totally confident that he's the man. Jen's boyfriend, Travis, doesn't seem to have enough time for Jen and she starts to think that he might be cheating on her.

Jonsey gets a new job of the secirity camras. Jude's life is completely taken over by an Australian girl he met on the phone. It is like one of the worst shows ever. Honestly, he's almost exactly like Ross.

You can tell that the writers would like to make it even more so that way. As I mentioned above Total Drama will never be the same again, and Stoked was awful! Meanwhile, Jen loses her keys in the strictly off-limits territory of the neer-do well Escalator Girls, and is forced to make a hard decision. Face off with the Escalator Girls once and for all, filipino or live in the mall forever.

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Is this an information site or an entertainment site? Nikki feeding Jen, as Jen's arms are too tired to help her feed herself. Caring too much about Nikki to hurt her, Jonesy gives Stone a full refund and fires himself. Becaue the show was terrible. On total drama island why is duncan so mean?

In all, a very good show with plenty of humour, some romance, and surprise. The date starts with Jonesy getting tricked into eating Robbies boogers and ends with him nearly drowning his brother in the fountain, getting dumped and fired. It's like they took everything I hated in a cartoon and this is what they got. Deep down he knows that in a few years, when he's in college, he'll be the man. What you mean by site location?

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