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At various times he held the lands of Ammon, Moab and Edom west of the Jordan, and was able to extend his territory to include Damascus. For awhile it looked as if his revolt might succeed. In this sense her story continued. Some serious rewriting would be needed in order for this book to be considered great or memorable. Absalom was followed by a daughter Tamar, and at least one other son, Hanan.

For example, they let us know which features and sections are most popular. This spelt disaster, and a terrible slaughter followed. But during the Kingdom period land ownership fell more and more into the hands of the royal family, the priesthood, and the nobles. In fact it was only one more play in the game that Absalom and Maacah were playing. He was a subtle and gifted man, a military leader, poet, musician, schemer and diplomat.

He established treaties with those regions he could not conquer. Almost all families had owned some land. There is no information on this. It was replaced by a centralized government and a dynastic monarchy. David Mourns for Absalom David mourned his son extravagantly.

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But not without a struggle. He had after all lost a brilliant, beautiful son, albeit one whom he had mistreated. Most magical of all, though, is what happens once Cassie and Judith get to Remington, Virginia, and start to find out about their common ancestors. Absalom murders Amnon There was nothing they could do for the moment, since Amnon was aware of the danger they posed and kept himself surrounded by guards at all times. He was angry with his eldest son Amnon, but did not punish him in any way, or make any move to right the wrong done to Tamar.

She was fertile, and bore her eldest son to David some time in the seven years that the court was stationed in Hebron when David was king of Judah, before the move to Jerusalem. There was no mercy in the ancient world for a royal who failed. The gap between rich and poor began to widen noticeably.

For example they let us

This review was based on an advanced reading copy obtained at no cost from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review. As the mother of a rebellious son, her life would have been forfeit if she remained in the palace in Jerusalem, but her fate would have been almost as bad if she fled to Geshur. While racism is a key element of this story it is not the dominant theme.

Absalom could live within the city walls but could not approach his father or enter the palace. For it was all too obvious that the people still adored Absalom, and Absalom was making capital of the fact. Marriage to a half-brother might not be an accepted custom in Israel, but is was common enough in some of the nearby kingdoms.