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Adventures in Hexagons by Emily Breclaw download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Here are all my background strips cut and ready for templates. First I just did random piecing. You could see the ladder effect on the front where the fabric connected to each other. This post is part of a series, and you can read all about the series here. Now you have a good clean edge to align with the left side of the hexagon template.

First I just did randomHere are all my

The strip width in the pattern minimizes your cutting time. As I mentioned in my book, this project can be made in multiple different ways. Next I moved to regular paper piecing, as explained in my tutorial. The first is devoted to explaining English paper piecing, hand sewing with templates, and machine sewing with templates.

Now return that strip to your rotating mat, and line the template up with the long angled cut edge and the edge of the template. This worked great for keeping my stitches hidden and on the front it looked good. Continue alternating the jewel template as needed to efficiently cut shapes from the strip. But the Teflon is slightly pliable. So now I only use squares.

First, cut a clean straight edge at the end of your strip, using a regular rotary cutting ruler. This guide tells you how big to cut your squares based on the size of your hexagon.

Paper Pieces My first hexagons I used were actually not paper, they were Teflon. Make sure the point of the hexagon just touches the top of the strip. First I tried the ladder stitch.

And it looked great from the front. If will of course depend on the type of hexagon project your working, but there are a few directions to consider. While it was clean looking, it was kind of odd. Also, it was a bit of a pain to work this stitch, not as fast as a whip stitch.

The I tried assembling the flowers, that is to say, one hexagon in the center with a hexagon on each of its sides. My next thought was to try freezer paper. Then I decided to do a running stitch. Let this be your hexagon resources post.

There are two ways to approach this. These shapes are not specifically included in the acrylic template set, but you can cut them easy-peasy with the hexagon template. The paper allowed me to bend the adjoining hexagons when I sewed my rows together.