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She does not hold back in stories about her sisters, visitors, friendships, family matters, and royal visitors. All in one basket combines two former books, Counting my chickens and Home to roost, in one book. There is no doubt that you should read it, It is a real hoot in the first half and a more serious hoot in the second. By marriage and birth she has relations and friends all over England and the world. Not until years later, when both of them had matured did he begin to show his wit and charm.

Her interest in agriculture is legendary, especially concerning chickens.

This is the realNothing could be

Nothing could be further from the truth. This is the real thing which, in many ways, is far more entertaining, funny and interesting than the television drama, Downton Abbey. News to us and, I suspect, to him. And at the age of sixty she embarked on, what proved to be, a very successful writing career with numerous books to her credit.