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Apollinaire in the Great War, 1914-20 by David Hunter download in ePub, pdf, iPad

This book drawsIn these letters he poured out

In these letters he poured out his passionate feelings for both in often highly erotic poetry and prose, as well as giving detailed descriptions of his life as a front-line soldier. This book draws heavily on Apollinaire's writings to tell the story of his war years, within the wider context of the French experience of the Great War. Description A major new work on Apollinaire paints a vivid portrait of the artist in love, in the epicentre of the Parisian avant-garde, and in the cauldron of World War One. He published poetry, prose and plays that were deeply influenced by his involvement in the conflict. Back in Paris, Apollinaire plunged back into the activities of the capital's artistic avant-garde, with the likes of Pablo Picasso, Mark Chagall and Gertrude Stein.