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These facilities work to re-present and protect both natural history and cultural memory and these can no longer be understood as distinct and separate bodies of knowledge. Architecture builds on existing environments, but it also helps to shift and change our perception of spaces and places, and the ideas and histories associated with them. This interpretation could be categorized as an intentional index.

But upon further examination the

Meanings can be formulated from complex things such as cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs to smaller personal ideals such as upbringing and favorite color. This is an article from the Architecture Australia archives and may use outdated formatting. Another interpretation that the student might make is that the open spaces are not always conducive to a traditional learning environment. The individual has the ability to see what they want within the work.

In addition, one side of the facade is the classical Penn State look using brick and the other is cooper to push the boundaries as architecture often does. Architecture does not simply picture cultures, histories, memory, or natural environments.

Memory, often violent or contested, is also at stake in the interpretative structures and centres. All of these things combined make up the basic of semiotics. These meanings and interpretations vary from person to person and are no longer controlled by the architect or architecture. Although this was a difficult reading to understand, we now have a greater understanding on how to interpret an architects concept or meaning of a built from whether intended or not.

But upon further examination, the ideas hidden within this excerpt can apply to our education now as well as to our professional careers. Email us if you would like us to consider upgrading it to the current format. Through its engagement with the broader public, it helps construct these things for that public. This is something that we should all keep in mind as architects, as the interpretations that we perceive will rarely come true.

This is important to architecture because at the end of the day, the concept you create as an architect many not be apparent to the people that view your work. Overall this reading challenged our ability to analysis architecture writing.

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But, just because the meaning lies within the individual does not mean that concept and the architects meaning should be disregarded. Projects of this kind give architects the opportunity to engage in public buildings, often at quite a small scale.