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Best Easy Day Hikes Long Island by Susan Finch download in ePub, pdf, iPad

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On a beautiful day, a three-mile walk to the northern most point is advised. Once you arrive, call a cab for the minute ride to Cedar Point County Park. Don't let your newfound sense of entitlement on the trails go to your head unless you go boot to boot with Stephen Talkhouse. Zog also holds the esteemed Guinness World Record of consuming the most cigarettes in a single day topping out at per day. So we're guessing he wasn't much of a hiker.

Walk through Cedar Island Lighthouse to discover Gardiners Bay and Sag Harbor cradling the lighthouse at the tip of an otherwise deserted peninsula. Red-tailed hawks and osprey can be spotted flittering past beach plum and bayberry. Traverse past haunted lighthouses stuffed with peg legs, otherworldly landscapes, sunbathing seals, and sparkling seasides. The tip is roughly three miles away. You'll also brush up against a canopy of sassafras, black oak, and shadbush among other beauties.

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The seals haul themselves onto the rocky shoreline each year east of Oyster Pond and set up shop for the season. These parabolic dune fields constantly shift southeast uncovering a forgotten forest. You might even spot an endangered piping plover. Take a moment to look out from Long Island's highest peak and leave the roar of city life behind you.

Hiking Mashomack is akin to finding a wooded paradise in the middle of small town living. Take a train out of Penn Station to the East Hampton stop.