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Blood Hunt by Ian Rankin download in ePub, pdf, iPad

This simply picks up on where we left off. We experience characters who are conflicted with their roles, and characters who are very much not conflicted.

Sending his wifeThe violence also

Then he travels to San Diego, to collect more evidence, and eventually returns to England, deliberately leaving a trail for Jay. Many books pick up weeks, months or years later, and struggle to fill what happened between books while at the same time telling a new story.

Sending his wife and son to a relative, he determines to take on his enemy on his own. The violence also ramps up, becoming at the same time more subtle, more intense and more disturbing. Sylvan and Drake are very cartoony in their lustful, we are soul mates destined to be together, depiction. Listening to their story unfold is much more nuanced, tender and gratifying.

Sylvan and Drake continue to play a prominent role, but the story of Jody the vampire and Becca the human is often at the center of this book. After returning to his wife and son, he finds that his home has been bugged by professionals.

Retracing Jim's final hours, he connects Jim's death with his work as a journalist, investigating a multinational chemical corporation. Gordon manages to locate Jim's hidden journalistic material, hopefully clearing Jim's and his own name.

Soon, Gordon finds himself under surveillance, and decides to find out more among Jim's acquaintances back in Europe. In London, he finds more hints, but no evidence for his brother's sources. Niki has loved Sylvan all her life.