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We aim for our puzzles to be clear and concise, while presenting enough challenge for the escape room novice up to the experienced veteran. This would be the third time the game master would interrupt us breaking the immersion factor of the game. But we also heard yelling outside, so maybe they were running multiple games at once with one game master.

Report response as inappropriateThank you. The decor is of a garage and has everything you would see in a garage. He then gave us a piece of paper, explained the hint system more on that later and started the clock and left. We were sick of this game by the end, so we ended up brute forcing the final lock and getting out.

We thought the system might've

After he left, we continued our game. Game masters know not to break the immersive factor of the game and our new communication system has worked better for monitoring groups during their experience. After getting locked out once, I was able to open it up without opening one of the tool boxes that would've given us the combo. When the game master told us where the sixth one was located, it was in a place where I thought I checked. But he had to come in to adjust the volume on the system because it was way to loud and we could not hear anything.

It wastes time for us

We thought the system might've been set on the wrong channel or something. It wastes time for us to explain what is going on. We have a groupon for the Lost Art so hopefully that room is better than this one.

No When we first walked in, no one was at the desk so we just sat down. We went out to ask for a hint, and the game master told us what we were working on. After that, we kept chugging along and hit another snag. Once I told him what lock we were working on, he told us he was coming in. This would also not be the last time he needed to walk in.

The room is a pretty big room. It actually coincided with our need for a hint, but it broke the immersion factor. We were a bit early so we did not mind.