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Build Rabbit Housing by Bob Bennett download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Wire door fronts provide easy access to rabbits and the above ground hutch keeps rabbits safe from predators. The Multi-Cage Hutch My husband and I are actually in the process of building a hutch similar to this one. The double walled cardboard boxes are best as they are more sturdier and will last that bit longer. It also has drawers in the bottom to store the necessary rabbit supplies needed.

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They then convert it into a hutch that will give their rabbit all of the comforts necessary for a happy house bunny. Pallets are very durable so a hutch made from them should be predator proof.

Again, they are pretty simple to read. Just make sure its out of reach of your rabbits.

It is basically a box on legs. Here are some more rabbit hutch plans for making a beautiful home for bunnies.

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