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He calls you today to trust Him. But that doesn't mean that we won't feel pain.

This is the way it often is for us. Could it be that God is calling you to take a stand in faith. We believe but see nothing change. Often in the midst of God's Providence we feel something horrible is happening.

All of a sudden things become tumultuous. Holding to the doctrine of God's Providence does not mean that we won't feel the pain of life.

Suddenly, you are being poked, grabbed and handled. He looks back at the events of his life and see that God was working in the details. Consequently we may miss the faith that was necessary to hang on. Chamberlain treated them as fellow brothers at arms, not evil and inferior enemies.

Thank God that God does not leave us to simply work things out ourselves. The baby surely believed that they were better off if they had stayed where they were.

Sadly this conviction hindered him at times from seeing that the South would not always act honorably in the matter of Reconstruction. God's Definition of Good is not the same as ours.

Someone we love is diagnosed with debilitating disease. But it will help us hang on until we can see more clearly. He said he wanted what the church members had. They don't realize what is before them. They have concluded that the only reason Joseph hasn't done anything is out of love for his father.

The wounds were a source of recurring infections, from which he finally died fifty years later. Friend, if all the painful circumstances of your life have been for this one moment. And the same may also be true of you. He also lived in pain from his wounds for the rest of a long life.

God's Definition of Good isSadly this conviction hindered him