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Cape Mermaid Mystery by Carolyn Keene download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Michaela and Emma exchanged a glance, then jumped to their feet. Tessie was sitting cross-legged on the floor and peering through the viewfinder of her video camera.

Claire and her husband, Leo, owned the inn, which was in the seaside town of Cape Mermaid, New Jersey. It was pale blue with purple shutters, and it had a gold weather vane on top in the shape of a mermaid. Nancy glanced around the attic, which was jam-packed with dusty furniture, old toys, and cardboard boxes. The girls soon reached the top of the stairs. She had short, wavy brown hair, and she was wearing a polka-dot bathing suit, a pink ballet tutu, and one orange flip-flop.

He turned to Tessie and Amanda. Nancy and her friends grabbed their rolling suitcases from the back and half-ran, half-walked through the front yard.

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