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Shreya Goshal does decent job with this song while the the key strength's of the song are the tune and the funkyness given to the melody. Do not miss this sugarfree spread. This more electronic in sound with lot of bass-ups and funky sounds. Its no surprise that Balki chose Ilaiyaraaja to compose the music for his film. The score and soundtrack were composed by Maestro Ilaiyaraaja.

This version does have some beautiful string sections in the interludes. Even this piece is taken from the background score of the film. When compared, the originals stand on a higher pedestal for sure.

In all, the album is definitely one of the best we have seen in recent times. Newer Post Older Post Home. The compositions of Cheeni Kum are adapted from the originals which were handpicked by Balki.

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It could have been perfect, but the lesser said about that end the better. However, the saxophone plays a nice tune which actually could be made into a song too. Everything is fine till there. He leaves with his mother and is horrified when Sexy's father Vinay Jain calls him and says that Sexy had just died.

Cheeni Kum (Title) Lyrics

The song starts off with Shreya Goshal's vocals and lively synthesizer back-up with playful sounds. The two extreme in age, character and attitude, meet and against all odds, fall in love. He bonds with Omprakash when he tells him he got tickets to a cricket match. Ilaiyaraaja's bass lines have always been very distinct from the actual song and its the same here too.


Omprakash is horrified when Buddhadev asks his daughter's hand and intentionally refuses, he attempts to commit suicide by starving himself to death. The entire album has a wonderful blend of electronic synthesizer music and acoustic music, something which made ilaiyaraaja what he is today! While Ilaiyaraaja was ready to compose fresh tunes, Balki insisted that he wanted some of his favourites to be re-composed so that they would cater to a wider audience.

This theme track is not composed exclusively as a theme composition. Urdu - English Dictionary. Nina is a beautiful and charming Indian woman.

Cheeni Kum left me asking for more. It is a well-known fact that the songs of Cheeni Kum are new versions of original compositions of Ilaiyaraaja. This cheeni-se-bhara album however, mahabaludu songs cuts-across such hindrances and could draw an applause from hindi audience.


Deepak Raja's world of Hindustani Music. This song appears twice in the album. The songs had their tunes re-used from the composer's earlier songs in other languages, while the arrangements were fresh. It's a maturely written film with great characters, tremendous performances and some fantastic moments. So I am waiting still for the other dons for their opinions.

He is a confirmed bachelor who has never been in love until year-old Nina Verma Tabu walks into his restaurant and his life. Cool, calm, quiet, always smiling but independent and strong willed. If you're a die-hard Bachchan fan, do give it a shot because he doesn't disappoint. Barring Sadma, Ilaiyaraaja has somehow failed to make an impression in Hindi film music.

Baatein Hawa(female)

Ilaiyaraaja's Background Scores. The main problem here is the Buddhadev is older than Nina's father. In my opinion, Sameer to lyrics is same as what anu malik is, to hindi film music. Omprakash finally realises his mistake and lets Nina go after Buddhadev and with his in-laws family, he let them go to London to his restaurant.

Baatein Hawa(female)

To be honest, I liked the review more than the music itself. Some people complain that old tunes have been rehashed or remixed. It is a piece which appears manytimes in the background score of the film.

The album's sound texture is good and the songs are unlike what we get to hear in Hindi film music these days. Right the word go, ilaiyaraaja gets on with his unique bass notes which extend above the keyboard chords used. My only complaint to ilaiyaraaja is this song. Ilaiyaraaja Collection ThiraiPaadal. Amitabh Bachchan Tabu Paresh Rawal.

Clever promos and feel-good vibes should ensure a positive run at the multiplexes. But the singer's voice is quite pale. The song starts with a slow prelude by shreya Goshal and Piano.

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Ilaiyaraaja adds a cello and a rhythm to it and the song actually starts. This is my most favourite song in the album. And Ilaiyaraaja chose his and my current favourite Shreya Goshal to render them. Raaja Paarvai - A Perspective on Raaja. How you wish the film didn't either!

One version is interspersed with some as-a-matter-of-fact oneliners by Amitabh Bacchan. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatrical release poster.

Balki Hindi film scores by Ilaiyaraaja Sexuality and age in fiction. The original songs are classic compositions and i purposefully do not wish to talk about original compositions here because one is likely to compare the new versions with the originals. Sameer's lyrics are average and ilaiyaraaja's music simply overpowers the pretty ordinary lyrics.

This song, by characteristic, sticks to the actual original tamil song ie. Ilaiyaraaja's strengths spanning what is called as orchestrational excellence, are very much evident in this album.

Cheeni Kum Hindi Full Movie Part 01 - video dailymotion