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The mandarins bureaucrats counsellors

Europeans should be trained China became an example of how Europe could manage without nobility. In Europe, fighting poverty was not a task for the nobility or king, but mainly for priests, nuns and the church. Now politicians and economists are looking into what we can learn from China. China also showed it was possible to have a king and run the realm more effectively.

New research shows that the West has been inspired by China since the European Enlightenment. According to Jacobsen, the Age of Enlightenment debate about the Chinese can also be used today. He indicates that between and several entire books about China were published in America, together with a host of short pieces in newspapers and magazines. According to Stefan Gaarsmand Jacobsen, the great thinkers of the Enlightenment were also inspired by foreign cultures and civilisations, and by the Chinese in particular. About the Series Routledge Studies in Social and Political Thought This series explores core issues in political philosophy and social theory.

In The Dragon and the Eagle

Thinkers in Europe started to ask themselves why China was so peaceful, while Europeans waged war on each other. By the end of the eighteenth century, practically every idea or element of concrete information about China in print in London or Paris had reappeared in some form or another in the United States.

In The Dragon and the Eagle, A. The mandarins bureaucrats, counsellors or ministers did not inherit their position, but were trained to it, with strict examinations. China is thundering ahead and the question is again what we can learn from them.