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The album's title track is generally considered to have one of the most difficult chord progressions of any widely played jazz composition. Concert solos for band members often extended beyond fifteen minutes. Alice also understood what it was like to be a professional musician. His funeral was held four days later at St.

The latter duo produced

He would often have a spare drum set on concert stages that he would play. The latter duo produced six performances that appear on the album Interstellar Space. Yogananda believed that both Eastern and Western spiritual paths were efficacious, and wrote of the similarities between Krishna and Christ.

Coltrane can also be heard playing the Yamaha alto on the album Stellar Regions. Giant Steps utilizes Coltrane changes.

He would often have a spare

He believed in not only a universal musical structure that transcended ethnic distinctions, but also being able to harness the mystical language of music itself. Coltrane's spiritual journey was interwoven with his investigation of world music. When they married, Naima had a five-year-old daughter named Antonia, later named Saeeda.