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Conservative Parties and the Birth of Democracy by Daniel Ziblatt download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Under these circumstances, elites simply had too much to lose from acquiescing in universal suffrage. In the absence of such a party the transition to democracy will likely be temporary and unstable. And only there, democracy proved resilient against renewed authoritarian challenges in the twentieth century.

Based on rich historicalBut where conservative parties remained

Conservative Parties and the Birth of Democracy is a book of stunning erudition and deep learning. Based on in-depth qualitative research and extremely innovative use of quantitative data, he has given us a new picture of German and British political development in particular. He has, I fear, written the political parable for our own times.

Based on rich historical and quantitative evidence, the book offers a major reinterpretation of European history and the question of how stable political democracy is achieved. But where conservative parties remained weak, democracy was likely to remain poorly institutionalized. Political parties are a fairly recent phenomenon.

Ziblatt provides new insights into the key role played by conservative parties in the formation and stabilization of democracy in Western Europe. Ziblatt points to the strength of conservative parties as the key variable.