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Rex Wild a lawyer assisting

Schepisi has chosen to present the terrible events in the outback in such a way that there's never any doubt in the audience's mind about what happened. Rex Wild, a lawyer assisting the coroner, said evidence suggested that a dingo might have been responsible for Azaria's death. As a result, the courtroom confrontations are so weakened that A Cry in the Dark becomes virtually a one-character movie. Though Sam Neill is very good as Lindy Chamberlain's tormented husband, Miss Streep supplies the guts of the melodrama that are missing from the screenplay. Schepisi's great good fortune that that one character is portrayed by the incomparable Meryl Streep.

Northern Territory coroner Elizabeth Morris opened the fourth inquest into the death of Azaria Chamberlain on Friday following depositions from Lindy Chamberlain and her ex-husband Michael. She succeeds, and so, of course, there are times when we feel frustrated because we do not know what Lindy is thinking or feeling.

Schepisi may have followed the facts of the case, but he has not made them comprehensible in terms of the film. Michael was freed at the same time, having been convicted as an accessory to murder. Robert Caswell wrote a script and Fred Schepisi agreed to direct. Streep's performance is risky, and masterful. They charged Lindy with murder, prosecutors suggesting she slit Azaria's throat in the family car before burying her in the desert.

Schepisi has chosen to present

The audience doesn't worry about the fate of the Chamberlains as much as it worries about the unconvincing ease with which justice is miscarried. The manner by which justice miscarries is the real subject of the movie. We begin to dislike the character, and then we know how the Australian public felt. However, officials at the time were initially doubtful that a dingo was strong enough to drag away a baby. Initial forensic tests suggesting there was blood in the car were later discredited.