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Making that connection is often eye-opening for students. As the final agon of this group, D. Instead, they are closely connected to their time and circumstances of creation. Dubischar sees the same transformation in his research students that he sees in the classroom.

Bolt, for example, is in his second year as a graduate student in classics at Oxford University. Nevertheless, this is a clearly written, stimulating, and persuasive book from which I learned a great deal. For him, ancient Greece and Rome are not just old texts or museum relics, but are alive in modern times. Obviously, it depends how one defines an agon.

Interpretationen zur dramatischen Form. Now to the individual chapters.

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The agon-scene thus accentuates the injustice of Helen's eventual victory. For Dubischar, the best way to teach about the ancient world is to help students discover connections between classical civilization and their own lives. Using this definition, whose essential and characteristic feature is the opposition of two substantial speeches, D.

Greek tragedy, especially the plays of Euripides and Sophocles, and the preservation and transformation of scientific knowledge throughout classical antiquity. These chapters handle in turn the composition of the scenes Ch. Despite its many excellent points of detail, the book has two main problems. Professor Markus Dubischar with T. The chance to delve into classical literature while gaining practical experience in literary scholarship is invaluable, especially for those students planning to pursue graduate studies in the field.

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