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Dimension-based Quality Modeling of Transmitted Speech by Marcel Wältermann download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Due to the efficiency of the test method, a relatively large number of stimuli can be assessed in auditory tests.

The test method is applied in two auditory experiments. Both narrowband Hz as well as wideband Hz speech transmission is taken into account. The audio model can be used indifferently for both applications. However, two variants of the video model have been developed in order to address particular needs of the applications mentioned above. In a two-step version procedure, instrumental measurement types estimate size impairment elements in a primary step.

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The ensuing size estimates are mixed by means of a Euclidean integration functionality in a moment step as a way to supply an estimate of the complete impairment. The book gives the evidence that this test method provides meaningful and reliable results. In a two-step model approach, instrumental dimension models estimate dimension impairment factors in a first step.

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