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Drupal Intranets with Open Atrium by Tracy Smith download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Drupal Intranets with Open Atrium unlocks the power of Open Atrium and guides you through real-world examples of an Open Atrium intranet. AccessSurgery AccessSurgery introduces a whole new dimension to surgical education and clinical practice.

But Open Atrium is filled with so many powerful features that you may need some help to use it to its full potential. Accessible Archives Accessible Archives, Inc. Examples and screenshots are used throughout the book so that you can follow along on your Open Atrium installation. Reading each of these sections, you will understand and become familiar with managing the Open Atrium interface.

After installing Open Atrium you will learn how to add and maintain users. Open Atrium is a powerful and flexible Drupal installation that provides intranet solutions to businesses and organizations for sharing ideas. It provides an appreciation of the real human body and a direct understanding of the mechanics of body movement.

Open Atrium is

This book starts off with explaining how to set up a web server on a Windows or Mac computer and install Drupal with the Open Atrium distribution. Open Atrium is also a viable alternative to SharePoint.

After installing Open