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Ecology and Conservation of North American Sea Ducks by Jean-Pierre L. Savard download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Derksen is retired from the U. Each is also critical in pointing out deficiencies in the data and suggesting how future work could most effectively be approached. This is a departure from the more typical approach to taxonomic groups which usually cover each topic on a species-by-species basis. This has provided a superb forum for the sea duck specialists of the world to meet, plan, coordinate, and implement new science and to take other steps to stimulate progress in sea duck conservation. Report of the Sea Duck Joint Venture.

Arguably, no family of birds has been studied, hunted, and benefitted from conservation more than waterfowl. In Canada, eastern populations of Harlequin duck Histrionicus histrionicus and Barrow's goldeneye Bucephala islandica are Species of Concern. Savard is a scientist emeritus with Environment Canada, Quebec, Canada. However, this reviewer would like to have seen many more color photos of the birds, as I think the objective of stimulating interest in sea ducks may have been furthered by such a step.

Each is also critical in pointingDerksen is retired from

Subjects Description The past decade has seen a huge increase in the interest and attention directed toward sea ducks, the Mergini tribe. In addition, a great deal of less common material is integrated by specialists in the general topics. Petersen, and Jean-Pierre L.

Morning plenary sessions are being organized by the scientific committee and plenary presenters. They are affiliated with governmental agencies, universities, or private organizations in the United States, Canada, or Europe.

Some new information is provided and the literature reviewed is thorough with all the common sources cited. Essentially everything that has been the subject of study within the Mergini is addressed thoroughly and carefully. Many are repeated in several chapters, a fact that may have urged consideration of combining all the literature-cited sections into one.

Memphis has a large international airport facilitating easy air and ground travel to and within Memphis, respectively. The fifteen chapters cover every major topic that one would expect. Afternoon concurrent sessions will follow morning plenary sessions with the intent to connect themes between morning and afternoon meetings. The superb photo of the Long-tailed Duck Clangula hyemalis on the cover certainly helps make this case. Petersen and Jean-Pierre L.