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Indeed, some theorists explicitly cite literature. In this case, however, Locke himself acknowledged his debt to Cervantes, but this has been forgotten, as few modern readers read both the theory and the fiction of the past. Amusingly, many of these abstract ideas were presented for the first time in stories featuring less-than-gifted central characters. Adam Smith, for example, makes repeated references to Voltaire, and Marx later claims numerous literary sources, including Don Quixote. This led to greater political participation, which is often cited as one of the indicators of the shift to the modern age.

Indeed some theorists explicitly cite

Looking at fiction alongside philosophy, political theory, and the history of economic thought enriches our notion of theorizing, and shifts our understanding about which texts should be addressed.

Abstract Advanced, theoretical ideas can be found in the most unlikely books. Authors, in the midst of developing theories, take their source materials from ideas in their own cultures and then systematize particular concepts. The five particular works of fiction examined here, which this book takes as embodying the core of the Enlightenment, focus more on the individual than on social group.

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