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February This article possibly contains original research. The question implied in the ambiguities of life derives to a new question, namely, that of the direction in which life moves. Course in General Linguistics.

Structuralism Linguistics and the Study of

The anxiety is produced when we realize our being is unsatisfactory. Even in the state of despair one has enough being to make despair possible.

We as humans are responsible for our moral being, and when asked by our judge whomever that may be what we have made of ourselves we must answer. It takes seriously the radical doubt experienced by many people.

God appears as the invincible tyrant, the being in contrast with whom all other beings are without freedom and subjectivity. Rather, it transcends them in an ecstatic passion for the ultimate. We then rely on the idea that we are accepted regardless. We display courage when we cease to rely on others to tell us what will come of us, what will happen when we die etc. He is certainly considered its most important part, but as a part and therefore as subjected to the structure of the whole.

We as beings feel the threat of non-being when we feel we have no place or purpose in the world. It gives one the courage of self-affirmation even in the extreme state of radical doubt. This is the question of history. If one says that in this experience vitality resists despair, one must add that vitality in man is proportional to intentionality.

We display the courage to be when facing this anxiety by displaying true faith, and by again, self-affirming oneself. The Anxiety of Meaninglessness and Emptiness attacks our being as a whole. But such an extreme point is not a space with which one can live. The vitality that can stand the abyss of meaninglessness is aware of a hidden meaning within the destruction of meaning.

Structuralism, Linguistics, and the Study of Literature. The dialectics of an extreme situation are a criterion of truth but not the basis on which a whole structure of truth can be built. Separate from all profane and ordinary realities, the object of the concern is understood as sacred, numinous or holy.

The dialectics of