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Salary ranges vary widely for different

Fashion Journalism covers a range of themes and media. Writers can use these clips and other published articles to create portfolios that best showcase their talent and fashion knowledge. Salary Salary levels in fashion journalism vary depending on the job requirements and specific occupational titles. Public Relations With a degree in fashion journalism, you might consider a career as a fashion public relations specialist. This allows journalists to experiment with style and tone and to develop a unique voice that may appeal to editors.

As a fashion marketer, you might spend part of your time analyzing statistics and evaluating consumer satisfaction reports to determine which products are most popular. Fashion journalists typically need a bachelor's degree in a related field such as communications, journalism, or fashion and experience and a portfolio are key. Writer One of the most common occupations for a fashion journalist is a fashion writer.

Any journalism occupation requires you to communicate ideas and facts in an interesting way. Fashion public relations specialists don't pay for advertisements or media attention, so they must find innovative ways to solicit interest in products or brand names. This profession helps clothing companies, cosmetic industries and retail stores build strong public images, encouraging sales and consumer interest. Generally, a bachelor's degree in fashion journalism or public relations is required.

Salary ranges vary widely for different kinds of journalists. Marketer If you have an interest in promoting beauty products, clothing and other fashion accessories, you might consider a job as a fashion marketer. For example, a public relations specialist might ask a celebrity or sports figure to wear or use a fashion product to increase awareness. Once you have successfully made your exam-copy request, you will receive a confirmation email explaining that your request is awaiting approval. Employment Outlook and Salary Information If you plan to become a journalist, specializing in fashion or any other field, you should expect employment competition to be high.

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Fashion journalists are typically expected to have completed an internship or obtained other publishing experience before starting an entry-level job. Earn a Bachelor's Degree Students can pursue a degree in journalism, English, or communication to hone their writing skills.

Undergraduates can gain a solid understanding of fashion journalism by taking courses in reporting, research, fashion writing, fashion trends, art, and product forecasting. As a fashion journalist, many of your duties will be the same as journalists in general.