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With this technique a man who produces no sperm in his ejaculate can become a father. The biblical notion of infertility was that it was due to the female. Surprisingly, the cause of infertility among Orthodox Jewish couples today is predominantly due to male factors. The rest can be preserved by freezing.

Another variation involves a process called Assisted Hatching. Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, Rabbinic administrator of Star-K Kosher Certification states unequivocally that if the egg is from a Nonjewish woman, then the baby is not Jewish. The halakhah on many issues relies on what can be readily observed with the naked eye.

Rebecca was more positive

Rebecca was more positive. The mother supplies semen, the red substance, out of which are formed the skin, flesh, hair, blood and the black of the eye. Reuven presented them to his mother for her use. Rachel, used desperate measures. There are rabbinical authorities who reject outright the idea of using donor eggs.

The mother supplies semen

The above information was provided by Rabbi Yosef Y. After all, three out of four biblical matriarchs suffered from infertility.

This is certainly a critical question as it impacts on the status and identity of the baby. Within the context of halachic observance, it becomes even more challenging, but in many ways even more rewarding.

However, since the intention of the procedure is specifically to enhance procreation and the semen is not being wasted, ejaculation to produce the semen may indeed be permissible. Fertility, Medicine, and Halacha.

The Holy One, blessed be he, the father and the mother. The individual copies of each gene can interact with each other. Most recently, scholars have had a heightened interest in the life experiences that help define the identity of a woman as female. Pieces of tissue from the testicle can be used. Or the two copies may work together to produce a combination or blended trait.

Artificial insemination has been performed for many years, and the question of the halachic validity of this procedure has been discussed by many sources. In the case where the genetic mother and the gestational mother are the same person, then the issue is clear. Modern Concepts and Practice Today, of course, we know of the genetic mechanisms of inheritance. It continues to afflict many Jewish couples.