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They must doBev Finding Camlann by Sean

Bev Finding Camlann by Sean Pidgin is an incredibly disappointing book. They must do things differently at Oxford. Ordinance survey maps not Google Earth. The characters fascination with it was not at all hard to believe, and it's what brought the story to life. Were I ever to return to Wales or walk around Oxford, this book could well serve as a local guide.

Here, the line is drawn between fact and pure fiction. However, I still think it is a slow read, and I still have my issues with it.

Somehow Julia discovers a poem that may or may not connected to Arthur. Lyndsay Let me at least say I do love a good quest style story, especially if it deals with Arthurian legends. BrocheAroe This book has been described as of interest to fans of the movie Possession starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Aaron Eckhart. It is only in retrospect- away from the comfort of curling up and indulging in some quiet reading time- that my brain starts to pick everything apart. It was truly the key that made me buy into the entire story, in the end.

And I can't attribute that giddy hedonism I felt in the dark nights that I devoured it to one factor alone. Perhaps most of all it wasn't what I thought it would be.