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Fix Me by Rune Michaels download in ePub, pdf, iPad

It appears to go back

When Leia accidentally discovers that Brian is a cutter, too, she thinks perhaps this common bond will change his feelings toward her. Yes, maybe she invites it sometimes, but it seems that she is broken and can't control the impulse to add to her pain. Author Rune Michaels paints a stark picture of an abusive family and the devastating toll on its victims.

He is still dancing and trying to interact with the same people, however this time they treat him harshly. The song was also featured on an episode of Video on Trial.

When he wakes up Ramsay

Maybe back before the accident and the death of her parents, but even those memories are scarred by a secret too awful for words. However, in her heart she knows nothing is likely to change, and when she is confronted by the stranger who claims to know her and her story, she makes a sudden decision to run. Even though her aunt tries to provide a safe home, Leia's brother, Brian's, anger always seems to find her. He interacts and socializes with the people, all of whom appear to love him.

When he wakes up Ramsay is on the same street, but in current time. It appears to go back to the time period used in the beginning of the video, with the exception of the members of the band who are dressed in modern apparel.