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Floods, from Defence to Management by Jos van Alphen download in ePub, pdf, iPad

The people, the state and the armed forces in the area, were caught unaware by the floods. Other scientists say that it is too early to draw such a conclusion.

Restoration of communication

The taskforce was later replaced by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority, a new body created to co-ordinate the rebuilding program. Flooding was widespread across Queensland and New South Wales from the end of December to January with several separate rain events causing rivers to rise over a lengthy period. The large number of new houses that have been flooded proves that land management by the Queensland government is extremely poor and building is still going on in inappropriate areas. Together we can pull through this and that's what I'm determined to do, with your help, we can achieve it.

The Government lost three

An evacuation centre was set up at the Central Queensland University. Instructors, which are full time paid posts. According to an analysist at Macquarie Group almost all the available stockpiles of coking coal in Queensland were exhausted in late January due to reduced rail capacity. But the government dismissed the report as alarmist. There was severe damage to roadways in forestry plantations across wide areas of the south of the state.

Restoration of communication was urgent priority task. The Government lost three valuable days in reacting.