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Man, however, sinned at the prompting of the devil. For it seems too absurd to take no notice of squalor in sacred things when it is unbecoming even in profane things. Moreover, we determine to subject to excommunication believers who receive, defend or support heretics. Let this salutary decree be frequently published in churches, so that nobody may find the pretence of an excuse in the blindness of ignorance. Prelates who dare to support such persons in their wickedness, especially if they do it for money or for some other temporal advantage, are to be subject to like punishment.

Those attending shall lead a common

If anyone however does dare to do such a thing, let him be struck with the sword of excommunication and be deprived of every ecclesiastical office and benefice. Otherwise they shall be barred from entering a church during their lifetime and they shall be denied a christian burial at death. If anyone neglects to do this, let him be subject to severe punishment. If the seriousness of the matter demands, then the fault of the offender should be subjected to canonical punishment.

Let careful precaution nevertheless be taken

We condemn all heretics, whatever names they may go under. Whoever neglects to carry out this salutary statute is to be suspended from his benefices and from the execution of his office, until his superior decides to release him. We forbid, moreover, anyone to attempt to have a place as a monk in more than one monastery or an abbot to preside over more than one monastery. Likewise, whoever wishes to found a new religious house should take the rule and institutes from already approved religious orders. The priest shall be discerning and prudent, so that like a skilled doctor he may pour wine and oil over the wounds of the injured one.

Those attending shall lead a common life and divide out proportionately all the common expenses. Let careful precaution nevertheless be taken in all cases lest serious loss is incurred for the sake of a small gain. Clerics are first to be degraded from their orders.

They should not play at games of chance or of dice, nor be present at such games. Their outer garments should be closed and neither too short nor too long. Thus they frequently incur the hatred of many people and risk ambushes. Let such persons be avoided by all until they have made adequate satisfaction. The devil and other demons were created by God naturally good, but they became evil by their own doing.