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Formative Assessment in a Professional Learning Community by Betsy Moore download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Other staffs join forces to develop consensus on operational procedures, such as how they will respond to tardiness or supervise recess. The insight of a fellow student might be more relatable than that of a teacher. Individual teachers can call on their team colleagues to help them reflect on areas of concern.

Some lower their expectations by adopting less challenging standards for subgroups of students within their classrooms. Students tend to accept constructive criticism more from a fellow student than from an instructor.

Students take responsibility for their own learning. Each year, the teams pore over the results of the state test, which are broken down to show every teacher how his or her students performed on every skill and on every test item. The following scenario describes what Boones Mill staff members refer to as their teaching-learning process. The entire team gains new insights into what is working and what is not, and members discuss new strategies that they can implement in their classrooms to raise student achievement.

Other staffs join forces to develop

Of course, this focus on continual improvement and results requires educators to change traditional practices and revise prevalent assumptions. Team members discuss the most authentic and valid ways to assess student mastery.

The insight of a

This type of testing allows for a teacher's lesson plan to be clear, creative, and reflective of the curriculum T. See if you can find out what it is, and I'll come back in a few minutes. Example items for complex assessment include thesis, funding proposal, etc. Comparing formative assessments, or having all teachers evaluate them together, is a way for teachers to adjust their grading criteria before the summative assessment.