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Funambol Mobile Open Source by Stefano Fornari download in ePub, pdf, iPad

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This is done step-by-step, starting from a simple personal usage scenario to a more complex environment that must serve thousands of users. You will start by installing Funambol on a personal computer, and then move on to acquire detailed information on the Funambol architecture and the network requirements for deploying it. The book is also a great starting point for anyone who aims to extend Funambol. With the help of this complete, practical guide you will learn how to access your email, calendar, contacts, important notes a lot more easily and quickly using Funambol. The newer versions of the server software are now more modular and there is no longer different editions of the server software.

We assume you have your Zimbra setup and running standalone, and wish to add Funambol to the setup. Start the Funambol server and install the module by running. Installation Guide Installation contains fifteen steps. The fun quotes system running the Funamlbol Server requires Java to been installed as a dependent before starting this guide.

All components of the platform are smoothly introduced and explained, starting from the functionality they provide. You need to have a technical background and be confident with a bit of code tweaking, but not a developer.

In particular, it contains an easy-to-follow tutorial that will allow you to write a Funambol connector in a few easy steps. The connector is stable but feedback reveals some minor incompletion with re-occurring events not syncing.

The connector is stable but feedback