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After Jax finds out about this, he isn't happy about it because Ava killed Connie Falconeri and basically killed Morgan Corinthos. Scott Reeves Steven Webber. Lindsey Morgan Kristina Corinthos Davis. Anthony Montgomery Andre Maddox. While Carly is being checked out by Dr.

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Jason Morgan Lulu Spencer-Falconeri. Lee, Jax overhears that Carly is in danger because of her condition. Michael Sutton Stone, Stone Cates.

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  1. She is the daughter of Jasper Jacks and his ex-wife, Carly Corinthos.
  2. He most likely would try to make Carly realize that he is making a mistake and put some sense into her.
  3. Robin Mattson Heather Grant Webber.
  4. Josslyn spends time with mom, Carly.
  5. Jerry makes it clear he won't hurt Josslyn, but he won't have the same courtesy for Carly or Brenda.

She also was impulsive when it came to love and relationships. Robert Palmer Watkins Dillon Quartermaine. She was best friends with her brother Nathan West before his death.

He ends up brain-dead and is taken off life support by Silas. Alicia Leigh Willis Courtney Matthews. Through her mother's marriage, she gained mob boss, Sonny Corinthos as a stepfather but she still calls him uncle Sonny. She took a hostage and then a fatal blow to the head. Silas later questioned Nina's therapist and learned the whole truth about Nina's deception.

Robyn Richards Maxie Jones. John McBain or his son Michael. Thaao Penghlis Victor Cassadine.

Emily McLaughlin Jessie Brewer. Amber Tamblyn Emily Bowen Quartermaine. Lulu Spencer-Falconeri married to Dante Falconeri. Silas offers to get Nina help, sebring but she knocks him out and flees to Nathan's where she is reunited with her mother. Elena Tovar Rosalie Martinez.

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In December, Nina is seen getting along with Lulu. She plays her song with Oscar's ghost watching her and Cameron also plays a song that he wrote for Oscar. They also put a lock on the bridge to seal there love.

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Jed Allan Edward Quartermaine. Madeline is able to find out where Ava is hiding, and Nina shows up there. Kristina Corinthos- Davis.

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While attending Columbia University, Nina starts dating Dr. In secret though, free matchmaking horoscope she told Nathan that Nina was alive and made him promise not to tell anyone. Anne Jeffreys Amanda Barrington. Their only options where chemotherapy or organ donation and both Carly and Jax were opposed to chemotherapy. Nina talks to Rosalie about her plans to get pregnant and then goes home.

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Michelle Stafford

Even daytime naysayers tuned in to see the celebrated nuptials of supercouple Luke and Laura, who scored covers of both Time and Newsweek during the same month. They are now getting a divorce. Despite their past differences, dating agency internet she is on good terms with Lulu Falconeri and is becoming a close friend of hers. He does wake up but he is in very bad condition and he only has days left.

Dante Falconeri married to Lulu Spencer-Falconeri. Owner and Editor-in-Chief of Crimson. Nina drugs Silas soon after in an attempt to get herself pregnant. She tells Joss that she is pregnant with Sonny's baby and Joss is shocked, but happy.

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National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Madeline was eventually apprehended and maintains publicly that Nina is dead. John Colicos Mikkos Cassadine. Claudia's corpse was soon buried and the cabin was burned.

  • After spending Halloween in Port Charles, where she dressed as an ear of corn again, she went back to stay with Jax in Australia.
  • When Cameron arrives at Kelly's, Josslyn takes the opportunity to talk to him alone and Spencer is able to talk to Emma.
  • Lucas Jones married to Brad Cooper.

Silas wonders how she got to Port Charles, and Nina reveals she looked him up, and found out he was here. Nina Reeves married to Valentin Cassadine. She tells her nurse that she is going to get in between Silas and Sam. The two renconcile later, but Jax's ex-wife Brenda Barrett comes back and creates problems for both of them.

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Actress screenwriter producer. At Stone Canyon, Oscar gives Joss a watch so at she will know he is thinking of her when he dies. Joss confronts him while he is working and he tells her everything. Fred Eckert Lena's brother. Available to Stream Watch on.

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The injection caused Josslyn to spike an extremely high fever and she was admitted to General Hospital. Silas takes Nina to General Hospital to see a physical therapist and Nina worries that her plan will be ruined if it's discovered that she can walk. Seconds later, Sam McCall and Carly's friend, Jason Morgan arrive and take Carly and Josslyn to the hospital, where the two of them are reunited with Jax and he gets to meet his new daughter.

Nina runs into Curtis in the hospital and she offers to pay all of Jordan's expenses and Curtis declines and tells her that everything will be okay. Teresa Castillo Sabrina Santiago. In Stafford was cast in Fox soap opera Tribes.

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In November, Nathan and Maxie announce their pregnancy. Constance Towers Helena Cassadine. Susan Seaforth Dorothy Bradley.

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