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Bonneville Speedway, Utah, U. The model was given a mm ground clearance to also ensure great off-road drivability. Subaru Tecnica International Inc. The body size was optimal as a driver-oriented car that brought with it improved safety functions, along with great handling and driving performance. Subaru put its roller press production methods to practical use, paving the way for bumper-to-bumper recycling.

The Rex Combi name was given to the model with a light van body that was popular the time. The single tail lamp was changed to orange rear indicator lamps that were independent of the rear brake lamps.

The model was given a

The rear of the car was constructed differently for domestic and commercial use. While carrying on the styling identity from the first-generation model, the fourth-generation Legacy had a more sporty look to its sleeker body shape, and in its front face gave it a sharper image. The basic chassis was virtually the same as that of the Legacy, a fully changed model. This model was developed as a luxury high-performance coupe that could handle any road surface.

This configuration allowed the vehicle to change speeds automatically to the most appropriate gear ratio. This move helped to overcome issues related to interior space, giving it a wider wheel base and the largest body size at the time in the minicar class. Combined with effortless power and outstanding maneuverability, the car was for fun on the road.

Along with being more fun to drive, it had unique styling backed by functionality, and was a vehicle that could assert the personality of the driver. This, combined with drawing the C pillar from directly above the rear wheel arch, helped to give the car a more aggressive look. The power train was equipped with a newly developed Horizontally-Opposed six-cylinder twin-turbo Engine. Adopting a double-door opening mechanism with no central pillar for the side doors provided smooth access to the rear seats. The brightest star shining in the Subaru Pleiades star cluster is called Alcyone, which was the basis of this model's name.

The body frame was extended front and rear, with a Y-shaped structure used at the front to ensure safety during a frontal collision. Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indiana, U. Changes to light vehicle regulations in meant that the larger Sambar retained its full-cab style for both truck and van models, with a line-up featuring the truck, van and Dias cargo model. Changing the rear suspension from a strut type to a multi-link type and bringing the strut towers in helped increase maximum luggage space over previous generations.

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