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Goddess on the Frontier by Megan Bryson download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Clarifying, refreshing, and thought provoking, the book is a very layered analysis of Baijie. As a result, Baijie Furen represents a feminine Confucian moral exemplar. But at the same time her local identity makes her a barbarian tied to the Nanzhao kingdom. The scholarship is excellent, the sources well researched, and the ancillary references useful.

Bryson concludes that as a polysemic

Indeed, her book could even influence how the people of Yunnan themselves view Baijie, if they were to read it. She has interviewed some of the women, and read widely about what the men have written about Baijie, singular or plural.

Religion, Ethnicity, and Gender in Southwest China. Their language, in as many as nine dialects, defies categorization as a type.

There was never again an independent Bai state, nor any serious attempt to resurrect one. She appears to place a Western way of thinking alongside the Confucian, as well as the Indian and Chinese Buddhist ideas, that entered the precincts of Bai religion long ago. There are apparently are no Bai intellectuals active as scholars or nationalists with as much interest in Baijie as Bryson. Yet from that day to this one, the Bai have managed to survive, indeed even prosper.

Once her legend expanded

Bryson concludes that as a polysemic figure, Baijie Furen embodies gendered and ethnocultural representations. Once her legend expanded, it became entangled with local and translocal stories of other chaste women and Chinese martyrs.