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Like fresh slacks from the pro-shop and a glistening white cart bag, spirituality will only take one so far on the course.

My memory of Murphy's tale held more magic than this reading revealed. That is not to say I did not enjoy Murphy's zen framework, I just felt he shot through the green with the philosophy. This is owing to a heavy explanation of the spirituality inherent to the game. Much like my golf game, Kingdom starts strong. This book is ideal for those times.

The opening holes describe

At times I have experienced transcendental spiritual episodes on the course, and I relate to some of the zen like philosophy espoused by Murphy. The opening holes describe Burningbush, a fictional Scottish dunes course that will resonate with lovers of the game as a close spiritual relative of Troon or St. Nevertheless, I will attempt to invoke the spirit of Shivas Irons the next time I stride up to the first tee and gaze down the fair-way.

At times I have experienced

His chutzpah is quickly tested on the windy links and his game spirals out of control with every attempt he makes to win back shots. But, retaining its magic is the myth-spinning character Shivas Irons along with his midnight shenanigans that inspire the love for the game of golf. It has sold over one million copies, and this is in part due to its touching on a spiritual element of golf that is felt by anyone that has ever struck a ball or sunk a putt. For my money, Murphy reaches too broadly trying to weave fiction, memoir and essay into a coherent whole.

It is also in part due to the fact that golfers will purchase anything that has even a vague promise of improving their game. Golf in the Kingdom goes into the club house with more pars than birdies, but there are a few ugly bogeys along the way. Herein lies a lesson known to any lover of the game - that while a course may present us with many obstacles, the largest one to our success in the game is ourselves. As his high hopes for his game diminish so does his facade as a handy golfer.

In spite of its heavy application of philosophy, this book is by no means a flop shot. Eventually one has to concede that natural talent and a lack of daytime commitments are the central components of golf course success. This is important to all golfers as life seems to be a necessary, if not slightly superfluous feature of golf. By presenting us with this message, Murphy is also suggesting that this lesson applies not only to golf, but also to life.