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Tap Get Started to take the selfie. Street View was also integrated with Picasa, for seamless transition from gallery view to microscope view. When examining an artwork, users may also access information detailing the physical characteristics of the image e.

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This provides users the option to virtually walk through a museum themselves and listen to an audio guide at certain artworks, or to follow a video tour as an expert guides them through a gallery. Near the bottom of Home you can Explore with Street View, which allows you to look at various different important places as though you were there with a degree view. The Tate suggested this method to capture the painting's hidden phosphorescent image, which glows in the dark.

Some of them are impressively close, while others are hilariously off. There are some museums you can virtually walk through using the app, just like Google Street View in the Maps apps lets you explore a city. When looking at the original painting at the National Gallery in London, the depiction of the skull appears distorted until the viewer physically steps to the side of the painting. Once the viewer is looking at the shape from the intended vantage point, the lifelike depiction of the skull materializes.

Usually, the camera sits atop a car to capture Street View images, but the platform camera was installed on an indoor trolley. Others say it should make us worry. You simply take a selfie in the app and it matches your face to old art museum portraits from their database. Below that, you can explore starting with color and tap to see even more work with that main color.