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Ultimately, getting called names on the internet is a cost I am more than willing to pay if it is the price required to oppose violence against women and girls. Only by condemning other women can you avoid that condemnation yourself.

With time that fear will fade, if not dissipate. The sense oftouch is connected to the body's largest organthe skin. They are not worth your respect, let alone the time it would take to puzzle out their motives. Backlash and abuse directed towards radical feminists is a silencing tactic, plain and simple.

Becoming a pariah is fairly counterproductive in that respect. Following the most concentrated period of abuse I have endured, it was not the threats that weighed on my mind, but the responses of queer and liberal feminists. Were it otherwise, I would be unable to call myself a feminist. Its enclosure of the body and offering of sensitive threedimensionality make us relate its properties to feelings ofwholeness in tangible objects. The backlash to being openly radical is the least fortunate element of it.

The object derives power from its fixity. Be prepared for those moments. This realisation is freeing, both on a personal and political level. At points people have contacted or at least threatened to contact places where I study, volunteer, and write. Abolishing the hierarchy of gender has always been a key aim of radical feminism, a necessary step in liberating women from our oppression by men.

Being able to speak

You are not currently authenticated. There is an insidious idea that any feminist who queries or critiques a queer perspective on gender is some sort of menace to society. Although radical and queer perspectives on gender are conflicting, this does not stem from bigotry on the part of the former. Those qualities are also what appeal to the people and organisations who hire me. And this is gratifying, yes, but it is also isolating.

There are plenty of feminists who will be prepared to monster you to save their own reputations. Instead of considering gender as a hierarchy to be opposed and abolished, queer politics position it as a form of identity, a part to be performed or subverted. It is, therefore, predictable that the socially conservative right are opposed to radical feminism.

Being able to speak with conviction and follow through when questioned is crucial. Nothing my detractors have said or done changes that fact. Countless radical feminists have been reported to their employers for differentiating between sex and gender. That I am a lesbian a woman who experiences same-sex attraction, i.

Nothing my detractors have said or

The media glorified his grasp of a terrain at which we could formerly only peer. Feminists who are critical of gender are treated as the enemy, not gender in itself. Like mass and folk, touch and sight are not exclusive, although one may dominate and have a function different from the other.