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Trade flourished till the outbreak of the First World War and resumed on a reduced scale during the years between the wars. All these were suppressed by the authorities. The incident was covered up for many years by the Polish communist authorities. They were mainly used in a synthetic silk factory near Szczecin. Mancherorts wird es noch angereichert, z.

Szczecin was transformed from a German into a Polish city. Dieses erreicht jedoch nicht die hohe Temperatur des Thermalwassers aus dem Euganeischen Becken. As the flight and expulsion of the German population went on, the Poles expelled from the East were greeted by the new authorities. The introduction of martial law in December met with a strike by the dockworkers of Szczecin shipyard, joined by other factories and workplaces in a general strike.

Hierbei handelt es sich um ein anorganisches Naturprodukt, welches an seinem jeweiligen Bestimmungsort mit ortsgebundenem Brauch-, Mineral- oder Thermalwasser aufgemischt wird. Due to publicity given to the event, German institutions ordered such future actions to be made in a way unlikely to attract public notice.

Das Ausgangsmaterial wird gebrochen, erhitzt und dann feinst aufgemahlen. Polish Home Army intelligence assisted in pinpointing targets for Allied bombing in the area of Stettin. Diese Art der Fangoaufbereitung ist sehr platz- und lohnintensiv.

Der Fangoschlamm wiederum wird direkt aus dem Euganeischen Becken gewonnen und besteht aus hellblauem Naturlehm Aluminiumsilikat. Ausgangsprodukt des Fangos ist ein Gestein vulkanischen Ursprungs.

All these were suppressed by theTrade flourished till the