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The ensuing moral outrage in caused him to be unsuccessfully prosecuted on moral grounds. It took him six years to write Madame Bovary. It remains one of the most frequently taught works of French literature both in that country and in comparative literature departments in universities across the world. The story of Delamare, for instance.

The loyal Charles is distraught, even more so after finding the letters that Rodolphe wrote to her. The degree to which Flaubert's fame has extended since his death presents an interesting chapter of literary history in itself.

He suspected that a chancre on his penis was from a Maronite or a Turkish girl. She became his mistress, but their relationship did not run smoothly. His letters to Louise Colet, written while he was working on Madame Bovary, show how his attitude changed.

The degree to which Flaubert's fameThe loyal Charles is distraught even

In the second version the writing is less diffuse, but the substance remains the same. In his youth, Flaubert was reported to be full of vigor with a certain shy grace, enthusiastic, intensely individual, and apparently without a trace of ambition. Georges Perec named Sentimental Education as one of his favourite novels. Swept away by romantic fantasy, she makes a plan to run away with him.

She swallows arsenic and dies, painfully and slowly. At the time of his death, he was widely regarded as the most influential French Realist. Though the basic plot is rather simple, even archetypal, the novel's true art lies in its details and hidden patterns. His power of observation was second to none. After the death of his father Flaubert lived in Rouen for the rest of his life.

In Paris, he was an indifferent student and found the city distasteful. Returning to Paris, he wasted his time daydreaming and living on his patrimony.

In Beirut he contracted syphilis. Emma's problem is that she is a romantic trapped in a realist novel. The last years of his life, moreover, were saddened by financial troubles. She becomes increasingly dissatisfied since her larger than life fantasies are, by definition, not able to be realized. For three days in September he read his manuscript to them, and they then condemned it mercilessly.

When Madame Bovary appeared in book form, it met with a warm reception. After Emma gets pregnant and eventually gives birth to a daughter, she believes her life is virtually over. There really is a time before Flaubert and a time after him. He spent the remainder of his life toiling over a vast satire on the futility of human knowledge and the omnipresence of mediocrity, which he left unfinished. Flaubert suffered from venereal diseases most of his life.