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The bill had been considered by

If it is true that politics makes strange bedfellows, then the proposed Nevada law certainly qualifies. Some practitioners complained about the requirement of membership in a professional association for certification of competency. In the previous legislative session an exemption bill was defeated in legislative committee. Existing laws are not enforced for other professionals. The bill involved construction workers and unions.

At issue is vagueness and

At issue is vagueness and constitutionality of the law. The bill had been considered by some to be an example of enlightened legislation. They are campaigning for an ordinance that would separate health professionals from other masseuses.

No sponsor was found in the Senate until one sponsor tacked it onto another bill. What a difference four years have made. Members of the group have also contacted their own assemblymen and senators as well as attending sub-committee meetings. Facilities were required to include separate facilities of showers and changing rooms for males and females. Such licensing also confined practitioners to a few limited commerically zoned areas of the city.

These hypotheses are rejected by the medical community, who cite a lack of scientific evidence and the well-tested germ theory of disease. At one point, a charge of practicing medicine without a license, a felony, was under consideration.

The bill under consideration would not attempt to license or set training standards for alternative practitioner, but rather to oversee their work when necessary. The full City Council will vote on the measure. Legislators were swayed by a legislator who was also an osteopath. It has yet to win committee approval or to pass either house of the legislature. The governor vetoed the bill at ten minutes to midnight.

One requires testing for syphilis. Any reasonably foreseeable side effect that may result from such treatment. This activity helped convince those involved with the bill to take a second and a third look. The federal court held in Cornwell v. Her husband Paul was subsequently issued a cease and desist order.

His work was gradually developed by Dr. One resulting therapy was the work of Dr. In point of fact, meeting educational requirements established by each of the professions would require thousands of hours of training. Kunz and Kunz have provided what-to-do information gleaned from successful encounters in New Mexico and Texas.

Just got off the phone with Kay Thomas and she had talked with you earlier. The issue has been resolved in New Mexico and discussion continues in Tennessee. Board of Health, Building Inspector, and Fire Department representatives paid surprise periodic visits to the establishment.