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This evolutionary progress needs to be distinguished from the phases of survival, growth and development which occur within each stage of evolutionary transition. Commerce replaces agriculture as the main source of wealth. Lack of education and education that degenerates into indoctrination prevents the effective development and utilization of human capital. Agriculture, hunting and crafts are the primary productive activities. Principles of justice necessitate that a government which controls economic activity must ensure conditions that support the basic economic rights of all its citizens.

All forms of capital derive their value, utility and application from human mental awareness, creativity and social innovation. Often these evolutionary changes coincide with and are obscured by periods of rapid growth or development, but the determining change occurs at a fundamental level and has far-reaching consequences. In recent decades, this trend has accelerated. Thus, a confluence of eastern and western thought is emerging that arrives from different starting points at a similar conclusion.

Commerce replaces agriculture as the

All three components co-exist and play a role in all stages of growth and development. Duane Elgin and Coleen LeDrew describe this evolutionary progression in these terms. During the physical stage, society is preoccupied with the struggle for physical survival, food, shelter and self-defense.

The interdependence goes still deeper. This concurs with the view of Sri Aurobindo a century ago, who emphasized the need for further evolution to transcend the divisive aspects of the egoistic, mental consciousness.

At its root it is about altering the way people perceive the world around them and think about solving problems. But as human productive capacity increased, it began to confront more fundamental limits to the resource base and carrying capacity of the planet. Harbison argues that human resources constitute the ultimate basis for the wealth of nations. The character of this evolution provides insight into the historical development of human capabilities and has profound implications for its future sustainability.

This evolutionary progress needs

As society evolves, the challenge of sustainability changes. Human capital, natural and human-made capital are interconnected.