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The shen, or ancestral spirit watches over its descendants, and can bring good fortune if properly worshipped. One of the stories tells of a man who was a diviner who constantly misled people due to his own avarice and is now a hungry ghost. Incense stands for prosperity, the more incense burnt, the greater one's prosperity. After the sons died they were reborn as hungry ghosts. Under the chair are plates of rice flour and peaches.

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He is believed to become their voice on earth. It is believed that the soul contains elements of both yin and yang. The first row of seats is always empty as this is where the ghosts are supposed to sit to better enjoy the live entertainment. They have long thin necks because they have not been fed by their families. Others can find food and drink, but find it very difficult to swallow.

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He then throws the rice and peaches into the air in all directions to distribute them to the ghosts. After the music begins to play, the priest hits the bell to call the hungry ghosts back to the table. They are said to be invisible during the daylight hours but visible at night. When monks came begging to the city for food, the sons denied them because they thought the monks would keep coming back and eventually take all their food. There are many legends regarding the origin of hungry ghosts.

These ghosts are believed to be ancestors of those who have forgotten to pay tribute to them after they died. When the wife died she was reborn as a hungry ghost. In Hinduism Pretas are very real beings.