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Ravinder Singh is in need of a thesaurus, a dictionary, and all the Wren and Martin grammar books in the world. The kernel of the story is pretty appealing with attributes like a I had seen glimpses of this book here and there on various websites, but did not have the time or reason to give it a read.

The novel starts with a reunion in Kolkata of Ravin and his three male friends Manpreet, Amardeep, Happy, who used to study in the same engineering college. It creates a spell upon you and you feel as if you're actually seeing all the story. Open Preview See a Problem?

Yes, I am in love and its complicated. In all, a total waste of time.

She was beautiful, we get it. To know it is a true story was even more touching and I could feel the pain the author must have gone through, through his words. Not sure if this is a true story, but it is truly inspired by Chetan Bhagat's writing. Without her, I felt so alone.

I Too Had a Love Story

If you love the story and not the words that describe it then, arial black-normal-italic western font this book would be perfect. To know it is a true story was even more touching and I could feel the pain the author must have gone Love stories with a tragic end are beautiful in their own peculair way. Synopsis Do love stories ever die?

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I Too Had a Love Story by Ravinder Singh

I Too Had a Love Story by Ravinder SinghI Too Had a Love Story

The story is about the author, Ravi who meets a girl in an internet dating w Awfully written novel which killed the story. There was not even meager emotional turmoil in me due to this book. Both the families start preparing for the event. It is the kind of book I would prefer when I am in a mood for a light read. Not all hotel names and street names and room numbers and car-makes and relations have to be mentioned.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. If you are looking for a meticulously crafted plot in the story, it doesn't have one.

It had a similar effect as Erich Segal's Love Story did to me. Srishti publishers, Penguin India. Some books take you for a surprise. Prose is repetitive and burdened with unnecessary details. And that particular phrase remained with me long enough for me to write it in this review.

It has a tragic end, which explains the past tense of the title. All emotions conveyed through the story are delivered.

The story is plainly written yet beautifully executed. Guess vat, it is a stupid, stupid book!

Brisking and trotting the tale at his will, Ravinder Singh did a good sound job throwing the ending in the face - right out of the blue. When he persisted for a week, I finally decided to give it a go this night. Lame, predictable, lousy and very filmy. While the editors may have decided to let the book follow the natural flow of the author, there's a reason they have a job and a role in the industry.

It will stay in your mind long after you have read it. None of the lavish or extravagant stuff.

Romantic, emotional and sincere, this heartbreaking true life story has already touched a million hearts. Giving out more about the story would not do justice to any aspiring readers. The fact that this is a true story and written in pain and sorrow, you definitely can understand what the author has gone through. The mystical experience near the end of the book even gave me goosebumps. After sometime, Khushi's family visits Bhubaneswar and meet Ravin's parents.

What is your opinion about the climax. Its filled wid cheesy dialogues n attempts at jokes at even d deathbed. Did not hold my attention long enough to make me want to continue beyond the first few pages. Just get over it already, and move ahead.

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