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Image Encryption by Fathi E. Abd El-Samie download in ePub, pdf, iPad

For images that are stored on laptops, smartphones, or in the cloud, encryption gives you an extra layer of security to help keep your images private. The only one who knows how to decrypt or convert the gibberish back to english is the person you had originally sent it to. When these matching pairs are overlapped, they will appear light gray. Only a portion of the binary image data needs to be changed to hide another picture.

The software key, which is usually a type of password, is typed into decryption software to decipher the encoded image. Encryption Software You will need encryption software to encode images. Steganographic images are easily deciphered unless they're also encrypted by other software.

The key is the trigger mechanism to the algorithm. So you might take a document detailing a military operation. One third-party program is TrueCrypt, which can create a decoy operating system to confuse hackers. Encryption Process A picture can be encrypted in the same way that text is encrypted by software. You should watch the film Enigma, it deals specifically with encryption.

In this example, the image has been split into two component images. So, when the two component images are superimposed, the original image appears. Steganography Steganography is a way of hiding messages within an image, text, or even in video, but it is not a true encryption process.

When these complementary pairs are overlapped, they will appear dark gray. Hash is not encryption, it is the way a word, or message is changed into a unrecognized pattern.

So you might take

Special software is needed to encrypt images and is readily available as freeware, shareware, and for sale on the Internet for all major operating systems. To alter a file, for example using a secret code so as to be unintelligible to unauthorized parties. Phone apps enable you to encrypt your images directly on your phone.

The key is the trigger

By running a sequence of mathematical operations, called an algorithm, on the binary data that comprises an image, encryption software changes the values of the numbers in a predictable way. Major computer operating systems come with some form of encryption software, but third-party applications are also available for personal computers, tablets, and smartphones. Encryption is a fancy way of saying secret code.