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Imagine Church by Neil Hudson download in ePub, pdf, iPad

The only problem may be how to get a congregation to be passionate about such a thing. There are two short-comings in my opinion. It is about learning to meet God where you are and figure out how you can serve Him in your everyday life, or in ways you may be already.

The only problem may be

It was about how to release members of a church to minister. It is also to help believers realize where they are in their everyday lives are important for the faith they hold as well. This book focused on finding ways to eliminate the division between the clergy and the laity. Certain words and concepts that the author uses will be immediately absorbed by church leaders reading this book. Rather it is a book to help guide churches in becoming a place that is connected to the everyday lives of believers.

The other book that I was reminded of was Liberating the Laity by R. There is a similar idea of seeing where God is at work around you in your life and joining into that work present in Imagine Church. However, Liberating the Laity seemed to get a bit distracted about the idea of the pastor being a tentmaker and that idea hijacked a bit of that book. It is about being disciples of Christ every day in all circumstances and not just at church. So from that you can get the basics of what Imagine Church is about.

There are two shortcomings in my

Firstly, the book seems to be predicated on a culturally-emasculated concept of church life. This is of no fault to the author, but simply a reality that we almost seem to like our church life to be divided from the rest of our lives for some reason. You will not find radical, prophetic challenges to your western, consumerist assumptions about what a church is here. It is about seeing more than just the pastor or missionaries as ones with important calls on their lives.

The concept of whole-life disciple-making churches is so obviously right that if you haven't thought of it before then you will likely be blown-away by this book. However, Hudson's goal in this book isn't simply to point out the disconnect and the reasons for it.

It seems that Church is there to help you do everything else, but nothing more. This is definitely a message that comes through in Imagine Church as well.