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You might need your money before the term ends. Is this the right savings choice for you? The bank also offers excellent checking and savings accounts, making Capital One a good choice for customers looking to keep all of their accounts with the same institution. NerdWallet writer Margarette Burnette contributed to this article. You have to lock up your money up in the account for a specified period of time.

The online-focused Alliant Credit Union has an impressive selection of share certificate rates. The bank, however, does not offer checking accounts.

You might have to inform your bank in advance that you want to exercise your bump-up option. If the money you've accumulated in savings is your emergency account, set aside as a hedge against job loss or illness, you might want to just leave that money in place.

Tony Armstrong is a staff writer at NerdWallet, a personal finance website. Depending on how long you want to tie your money up and the amount of your deposit, you might actually double the amount of interest you earn. It will almost certainly allow you to earn more interest on that money.

The bank does business online, over the phone or by mail. But that's not always the case anymore.

There are a few exceptions that we will explore below. Your bank will notify you as you near this date, and it will give you several options. The bank delivers all of its consumer deposit accounts online, over the phone and by mail. They might offer higher rates, more flexibility, imtoo dvd subtitle ripper or other features.

You saved your emergency fund for a reason, and you might not want to risk depleting it. But depending on where you bank, you may have access to a few other varieties.

It depends on the level of risk you want to take. Banks generally compound interest monthly or daily. Picking the right broker comes down to your priorities. You could guess wrong, however, so be sure to hedge your bets. There are also a few other ways to join the credit union.

To grow your long-term savings, consider opening an online brokerage account. To do this, many or all of the products featured here are from our partners.

How Do Certificates of Deposit (CDs) Work

See the best six-month rates or the best one-year rates. They might appear in advertisements online or in local news sources.

It's possible to get out early, but you'll most likely pay a penalty. We want to hear from you and encourage a lively discussion among our users. See the best six-month rates for this month or the best three-month rates. Minimum deposit No minimum. The opening minimum is higher than at some online banks.

10 Best CD Rates for June - NerdWallet

10 Best CD Rates for June - NerdWallet

Now compare that with Wells Fargo. You can continue with this process unless and until you need the cash in any given year, because one would mature each year. As with any investment, you should choose between risk and potential reward. Its savings account also offers a solid rate.

You invest proportionally in a variety of term lengths. Still, earning less for a short period might be worth it if you can switch to a higher rate later and you're confident that rates will rise soon. When banks and credit unions want to attract deposits, they offer especially high interest rates to grab your attention. At NerdWallet, we strive to help you make financial decisions with confidence.

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The minimum to open is steep compared to some banks, but the rates can be worthwhile. Higher rates might be available elsewhere. We also included select, standout rates from other trusted online financial institutions that we have reviewed. You'll usually earn a higher interest rate when you go with a longer term, but this isn't always the best idea. The penalty will eat into any interest you've earned to date, and it might even take a bite out of your initial deposit.

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