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The time taken for our system to decohere must therefore be much longer than the time needed for gate operations. One example of an entangled state is the Bell State. The system must be able to reliably transmit flying qubits between specified points. Sadly, this visualisation can only be used for single qubit states, as there is no known simple generalisation that applies to multi-qubit systems.

One example of an entangled state

Any system developed to fulfil the role of a quantum computer must satisfy the five plus two criteria outlined above. They encourage increased communication within and across different disciplines, inspiring new research directions. Once decohered, no quantum operations can be used to re-cohere the state. The next section describes the accepted requirements necessary to construct such a system.

These criteria will be used as a basis for discussion throughout this series of posts. We will revisit the Bloch Sphere later on in this series.

Also, the dean and faculty wanted to break down the academic silos between departments to provide a more comprehensive and engaging overall learning environment. As it turns out, the global phase is not observable in experiment and therefore we can ignore it.

The time taken for

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