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The differential mechanism, for example, was used by watchmakers before being adapted for automotive purposes. This reason has dictated that specialists in each field covered by this book have written an appropriate chapter. Ford had produced many previous models, working his way through the alphabet from the Model A, and had been gradually honing his production methods. Note the single transverse front spring and the starting handle, which was the only means of starting.

Some of these references are drawn from the list and briefly summarized indicating particular texts that the contributor has found interesting. Hand-built cars may look superficially identical, but there are often large differences in the dimensions of individual components. Control systems in automoblies H.

However, many of the contributors are also indebted to organizations for their generous supply of support information and figures. To keep the workers continuously busy, the volume of production has to be large. The spindly chassis was deceptively strong, being made of a vanadium steel alloy. The Model T was almost the ultimate in simplicity. First, I must thank Sunderland University and especially Mr.

Some of these references are

The cc petrol engine gave adequate power for use in quite large commercial vehicles. David Crolla at Leeds University who has always been very helpful and encouraging. Unlike the modern processes of assembly that simply rely on joining items by bolting or welding, fitting usually involved using hand tools to cut or file components to make them fit together. Practical steam-powered road vehicles started to appear in small numbers, and indeed for commercial vehicles, the line of development was not finally terminated until the s. Ford was also aware of the advantages of using advanced materials, and employed vanadium steel for the chassis, thereby producing a relatively light vehicle.

Handbuilt cars may