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Proposes that justified stored beliefs usually only have stored justifications. People low in need for cognition are also more likely to rely on stereotypes alone in judging other people than those high in need for cognition. Unwittingly, the painter simply reproduced that scene. This evidence could for example be rooted in induction, background information about memory or conscious recollection. The results have suggested that people who are high in the need for cognition scale score slightly higher in verbal intelligence tests but no higher in abstract reasoning tests.

So, preservationism appears to solve the Problem of Forgotten Evidence. So there is memory knowledge.

Whatever ultimately explains the one, suggests the other is false. Likens memory to testimony and endorses anti-generativism. Attacks internalism in light of the Problem of Forgotten Defeat, among other problems. Another is that the world is as old as it seems, but just its inhabitants popped into existence five minutes ago. The blue wires are mostly test points, for debugging only.

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If, however, internalism can solve these problems easily enough, then it is much better off than many externalists suppose. Some theories will count this belief as justified, once you forget that you never had any reason for it. They believe human memory processing is much more complicated than the mere depositing of items and later withdrawing them. Pursuing either option may require developing a novel theory of belief.

And you use memory not just to grasp the meaning of words, but also of sentences. Once I figured that out everything went quite easily.