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These forests provide wood for fuel and other raw materials for use by industries. The bark of a callicarpa arborea is used for skin ailments.

The Brahmaputra originates as the Yarlung Tsangpo River in western Tibet, and flows east through Tibet and west through the plains of Assam. The Tibetan yak are also found on these mountains and are often used by the people for transportation. For example, elephants and rhinoceros live in the lower elevations of the Himalayas, also called the Terai region.

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This gives rise to a variety of climates from nearly tropical in the foothills to tundra and permanent snow and ice. However, the women insisted, ropes were fixed, and the party of seven went to the top in a hour summit day.

The Himalayas are also believed to play an important part in the formation of Central Asian deserts, such as the Taklamakan and Gobi. The good news was the successful ascent by the first Iranian women mountaineers to come on any expedition to the Nepalese Himalaya.

The amount of yearly rainfall increases from west to east along the southern front of the range. Although locals are clearing out portions of the forests in the Himalayas, there is still a large amount of greenery ranging from the tropical forests to the Alpine forests.

Another example of the diversity amongst the Himalayan peoples is that handwoven textiles display colors and patterns unique to their ethnic backgrounds. On the other side of the Tsangpo, to the east, are the Kangri Garpo mountains. The Himalayas have a profound effect on the climate of the Indian subcontinent and the Tibetan Plateau. The western rivers combine into the Indus Basin.

In recent years, scientists have monitored a notable increase in the rate of glacier retreat across the region as a result of global climate change. It shows through their architecture, their languages and dialects, their beliefs and rituals, as well as their clothing.

Thus although annual precipitation is generally higher in east than the west, local variations are often more important. The Himalayan musk deer is also found at high altitude. There is also gold, silver, copper, zinc, and many other such minerals and metals located in at least different places in these mountains. For example, a bark extract from an abies pindrow tree is used to treat coughs and bronchitis. East of Sikkim lies the ancient Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan.